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Remembering Nick Magnotti and Supporting Alyssa

Over two years ago on 11.11.11 the Seattle community surrounded Nick and Alyssa Magnotti as Nick battled a rare form of cancer. We have all have loved, hoped, cared and prayed for Nick and Alyssa along this journey. This morning Nick passed away. In the spirit of our desire to wrap our arms around Alyssa […]

Shonda Award

Today marks the four month mark of when Shonda McCarty Kearns passed away from cancer on July 22, 2013. With Thanksgiving a week away, I am thankful for Shonda and her friendship. I’ve been feeling strongly about wanting to do something to honor and remember her presence in my life and those that she worked […]

Should you Give Startup Advice [Flowchart] by @ValerieRose

  I stumbled into this flowchart by Valerie Coffman, an entrepreneur and data scientist who wrote a blog post “Should you Give Startup Advice” — Valerie says “Clearly, there is widespread confusion on who needs to STFU and who should share their pearls of startup wisdom. To correct this issue, I’ve created the following handy […]

Nilofer Merchant | Scaling a Startup in the Social Era @ thinkspace

Nilofer Merchant, Harvard Press author of “11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era”, A TED Speaker, and former CEO of Rubicon. Nilofer has launched more than 100 products that have netted $18 billion dollars… and Nilofer will be speaking at thinkspace tonight! Nilofer is a very important person to me as are her […]

When the Stars align – Welcome Carly Slater!

The urban dictionary describes “when the stars align” as: “When an unexpected and nearly impossible event takes place. Usually due to pure luck or the divine intervention of God.” Carly joining thinkspace has nothing to do with pure luck. Carly Slater joins thinkspace as our CXO, Chief Experience Officer. The reason why I’m so excited […]