Launching a new startup at Starburst Aerospace Accelerator: Week 1

May 31, 2023

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Launching Minim Zero: Our Journey into the Starburst Aerospace Accelerator

I wanted to share with the Thinkspace community that I’ve launched a new startup called Minim Zero. In April we applied and got accepted into to the Starburst Aerospace Accelerator located in Los Angeles. Starburst is unique because it’s a aerospace accelerator that combines the best aspects of traditional startup accelerators and MBA programs with their unique industry knowledge and deep expertise. We are one of seven companies in the 2023 Cohort.

In Week 1 of the 13 week program. The first workshop was called Startup 101, led by Matthew Savary, UCLA Technology Development Group. I was quite surprised that we immediately started with “Commercialization” and on the fly had to define our <data package> and have a clear concise value proposition for the funds that we needed to raise. It was a great feeling that we jumped right into the deep end.

We also learned a framework called the Diamond Square Framework by Tom Eisenmann, Harvard Business School. What I appreciated most is that this framework and the way it was described was specifically focusing on the aerospace industry and not a generic tech startup framework. While it’s great to have diversity in learning butI’m appreciating that this is an accelerator for aerospace companies and recognizing that what everyone in the room is doing hasn’t been done before.

I will keep posting updates about the program, what I’m learning, and try to hold some conversations at Thinkspace over the next couple months to talk about it too.


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Peter Chee