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August 15, 2019

Apparently the average consumer opens their email approximately 20 times a day. In 2019 it’s safe to assume most Westerners own a smartphone, therefore it makes sense that email is opened often- it’s a simple touch of an icon. Simply opening an app though doesn’t guarantee your email is going to be read. What is opened versus what is skipped over or deleted isn’t ensured by anyone. Email marketing is still a great tool for any business to utilize, but what I’ve been learning is key is having valuable messages, high-quality content, or an attractive deal to share.

I’ve been spending a part of my day lately reading up on email marketing; when supporting an entrepreneur, it’s a helpful resource and understanding to have in my arsenal. There are multiple companies and experts in the field of marketing that are a part of the thinkspace community as well, so gaining resources are available and convenient. Some of these all-stars include Seattle’s “Experts in Residences” Michael Elliott at RocketDog Communications and Jason LaBaw at Bonsai Media Group, as well as Redmond’s Matt Heinz at Heinz Marketing. Whether you reach out for support or Google your way to mastery, I’ve gathered a small list of articles worth a quick read to get you started.

Do you have content or mastery to share? We’d love to highlight your latest blogpost and share it with the thinkspace community. We’re here to support your growth and hope you’re keeping the newsletter alive in your own unique, successful way.

Articles worth a quick read:

Email Isn’t Dead; You’re Just Doing it Wrong

How to Advertise on Social Media – A Marketer’s Quick-Start Guide

The Best of B2B Marketing Content: 10 Examples



Stephanie Slaton

Stephanie Slaton

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