Quickbook 2008 and Windows Server 2003 Security Settings

December 23, 2008

I recently installed Quickbooks 2008 onto our Windows 2003 Server and it choked when I tried to send out invoices. This quickly became a major pain as Windows 2003 Server was locked down and I wasn’t able to change the Internet Security options to enable JavaScript to execute. I tried to manually change the Internet Security Options but it still kept throwing those errors. I ran a few utilities on various websites to test and see if JavaScript was enabled and it worked, but, each time I tried to do anything in Quickbooks it still kept giving me errors.
The Internet Security Settings were set to High and I couldn’t figure out how to change them. The normal Medium level security was not an option in the drop down box. I finally figured out how to solve this by:
Going into the Add/Remove a Component and un-checking “Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration”.

Once I did that I was able to change the Internet Security option from High to Medium. Yes, it doesn’t seem like that big a deal but when you’re trying to troubleshoot these kinds of things without technical support it can be a real pain.




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