A big green button to remind you to turn off your computer

December 24, 2008

The Ecobutton is a ecogadget that plugs into a USB port in your computer.  Push the button and it sends your computer into a state of less energy using consciousness. It’s not sleep mode which I find completely annoying as sleep mode seems to take longer to wake up than just turning your computer on from a off state.
I was reading an article about Green Office Space at A Better Office and read that a UK company which provides serviced office space is thinking of implementing 4,400 of these ecobuttons for all of their offices.  I think the buttons look nice, makes a statement, and tries to encourage people to remember to reduce their CO2 emissions but that’s about where the love for this product ends.
I haven’t seen one of these buttons yet and when looking at the website photo it looks like they are made out of plastic.  I read through their FAQ but wasn’t able to find out what they are made out of.  I also find it a bit odd that they seem to glow.  It appears that they consume electricity and might even be a little electricity vampire itself.  It’s seems like conceptually the product has good intentions, but, I think there are better and cheaper ways to remind yourself to save electricity.




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