Office Space Bellevue: How much office space does Microsoft occupy?

December 15, 2008

Everyone knows that Microsoft’s HQ is in Redmond, but, how much physical office space does Microsoft occupy in Bellevue?  I was reading a report that GVA Kidder Matthews released about how much office space they have.  Some of this information is from that report, some of the information I found on my own.  All of their office space in Bellevue is leased.  However, most of their office space in Redmond is owned.  The amount of office space in Bellevue is a tiny compared to the amount of space that Microsoft already has in Redmond.
Downtown Bellevue: Approximately 1,300,000 SF. (1,621,000 SF. corrected 1/30/09)

  • Lincoln Square – 320,000 SF.
  • Bravern – 740,000 SF.
  • City Center Plaza – 240,000 SF. (561,000 SF. – corrected 1/30/09)

Redmond: Approximatley 11,450,000 SF.

  • Currently under construction is the $1 billion, 14-building expansion project on its main Redmond campus.  Information provided by Schnitzer Northwest.
Microsoft’s Puget Sound Headcount:
  • 2004:  28,587
  • 2005:  30,858
  • 2006:  34,869
  • 2007:  36,405
  • 10/08:  41,276
Microsoft has never had a year where its headcount has declined.  It will be interesting to see if Microsoft will keep that up for 2009.  Even with a “headcount freeze” they still managed to hire 500 people in the month of November, per the Seattle PI.


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