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Who does Google think you are?

jamie-and-kate-at-googleYesterday, Google and the Fremont Chamber of Commerce hosted an educational lunch on the ins and outs of Google’s free, online analytic tools.  While at the event, I met representatives from other local businesses; watched thinkspace Community Manager and recycling enthusiast Jamie fawn over Google’s sophisticated, color-coded recycling bins; and posed for a photo op with a pillow shaped like one of the little green Android robots.  Thanks to a representative from the Google Analytics team, I also learned how this tool can help businesses better understand their website’s traffic, and how to use that information to implement better marketing strategies.
One of the reports that Google Analytics generates is the “Audience Report,” which helps you get to know your website’s visitors.  Google Analytics has the capability to break these statistics down by age, gender, interests, location, etc.  Where does Google get this information?  By analyzing the websites you visit, Google has glimpsed into your cyber soul.  They have you figured outOr at least they think they do.
Want to know who Google thinks you are?  Sign into your Google account and check it out.  Me?  According to Google, I’m a 25-34 year old, English-speaking female, with apparent interests in language resources, t-shirts and vans & minivans.  So let us know: Who does Google think you are?  Are they right?


  • Jenny Burns

    October 12, 2014

    Thanks for sharing this article, I’m interested in the analysis of online data, it was truly interesting to see what Google thinks of me! Apparently I’m interested in Superhero Films, Bollywood, Food & Drink and Bicycle Accessories…which is weird because I don’t even own a bike!

    • Kate Bailes

      October 13, 2014

      Thank you, Jenny, it’s nice to meet your Google personality! It’s definitely interesting to see how tools like Google Analytics try to decipher who you are. Some of their analysis is right on, and some is.. Just a bit baffling. I have never shopped for or owned a van or minivan, so I’m not quite sure where they come up with some of this stuff! Glad you enjoyed the post!

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