Straight from Seth Godin’s blog — it’s an old one from 2007. I love reading older blog posts for the first time and looking at them as hindsight 20/20… especially from Seth Godin.

Small business success

Three things you need:

  1. the ability to abandon a plan when it doesn’t work,
  2. the confidence to do the right thing even when it costs you money in the short run, and
  3. enough belief in other people that you don’t try to do everything yourself.

My three word take away: 1) Flexibility; 2) Confidence; 3) Trust.

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  1. Lauren Fisher
    Lauren Fisher says:

    Ah, what a great post. I hadn’t come across this one before, but I can absolutely attest for every point on there. Confidence is often the hardest one, as you have to have it in yourself in order for it to extend to your business.

    • Peter Chee
      Peter Chee says:

      Thanks Lauren. Yes, it’s a simple post but it certainly nails it. Godin is amazing in how he says so much with such few words. I agree with you on the confidence one. It’s a tricky one where you have to exude confidence in front of your team all the time but at the same time you’re constantly stretching your boundaries.


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