thinkspace Donates Office Space to The Redmond Foundation

December 14, 2009

This fall, Peter Chee, CEO of thinkspace, decided to start donating office space to The Redmond Foundation, which is being founded in honor of Redmond’s upcoming centennial in 2012. The Redmond Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a healthy, vibrant and engaged community in the city of Redmond.
I asked Peter a couple of questions as to why he chose to donate his space to The Redmond Foundation and he stated that their goals align with his. “The thing that resonated with me is the fact that our goals are similar. I am trying to build a vibrant community inside thinkspace. But, I feel that the Foundation will have the ability to reach a broader group,” said Peter Chee, CEO of thinkspace. “This is my way of supporting another organization that can reach out to more people in the Redmond area and getting them engaged.”
When I asked Jeni Craswell, at The Redmond Foundation, a couple of questions about The Redmond Foundation, she had some great things to say. “We are still in formation and working up to our launch. The thinkspace community is an example of why we exist, small businesses are really the backbone of Redmond-that’s what makes the Redmond community unique. It’s the entrepreneurial spirit-what makes us special.”
I really wanted to know ways that people in the Redmond Community or members of thinkspace could help get The Redmond Foundation on its way to its goal of continuing to build a engaged community in the city of Redmond. Jeni responded with an open invitation, “It’s important for us to know what people need and what people want. I would love to know what people would like to see improve in Redmond. In fact, have them email me their ideas at [email protected].”
There you have it, folks. We’ve got an organization that is coming up on their opening committed to creating a healthy, vibrant and engaged community in Redmond. A healthy and engaged community can only mean one thing to the business owners of the Redmond Community; more business.


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