Twitter's view of what people think about you

November 17, 2009

Twitter launched a new feature a few weeks ago, called “Lists”. The feature allows users the ability to create lists and add other Twitter users to that list. For example, I created a Twitter list called “thinkspace Community” and added over 30 people that are thinkspace members to that list. It’s helpful for me because my Twitter stream is pretty active because I follow 500+ people so it’s likely that I’m going to miss what members are saying. With a list, I can see a filtered list of Tweets, so I don’t miss out on what you’re talking about.
A very interesting thing has happened because of Lists. Lists are metadata about you that you don’t control. They show what other people think of you. Here’s an example of a few thinkspacers and their Twitter Lists tag cloud (provided by Listed below are:
Sean O’Driscoll, Ants Eye View; Derek Delconte, Innerfence; Mike Ma, Judy’s Book.ts-twitter-lists

If you’re new to Twitter and you’re not sure what to Tweet about, just think about what is that you want to be known for. What are your personal keywords which people will start to know you for? If you want to be known as a subject matter expert in your industry, the more you Tweet about those things people will recognize you as the expert that you are.
Here’s what the thinkspace List Tags look like:

If you want to be added to the Twitter thinkspace Community List, contact Alyssa or me.


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