Newline Software Releases Online Data Backup Service With 100% Privacy

August 25, 2011

The universe really likes Newline Software. Why else would it pick such a crazy way to inspire its co-founder, Kory Gill, to create the online data storage start-up? Instead of just clicking a lightbulb on over Gill’s head, the universe went for more dramatic inspiration: lightning struck Gill’s house.”Three computers were fried, and I realized that no digital photos were backed up,” Gill says. He lost priceless photos and memories of his family. The lightning got Gill thinking. Lightning doesn’t strike twice, but what about some other natural disaster? What if his computer broke? Backing up data in Gill’s house wasn’t safe. He had to save his files online.
But when Gill tried to find a site to store his data, he found that none offered what he needed: security.
Gill realized that no site truly protected data. Either data was not encrypted enough, or when it was retrieved, the data came back corrupted. He decided to make his own data storage site, one that really met customers’ needs.
Gill and his colleague, Marius Nita, left Microsoft to found Newline Software, soon joined by Peter Denniston. Newline Software became a member of thinkspace, and leased an office in our Redmond building. Then the start-up started work on their biggest challenge: creating a safe storage site. “If you encrypt everything, how do you get it back?” Gill asks.
But in June 2010, inspiration struck again, this time with the solution to Newline’s riddle. Now, the data storage site, or Exact, is “the only product in the world that can search encrypted material.” When you type in a file name, Exact finds it without ever knowing what it’s looking for. There is no way for Exact to use, or misuse, your data.
Exact is the only “product that gives users 100% privacy,” says Denniston. Whether lightning strikes, a laptop breaks, or a tabloid hacks your computer, everyone needs to ask, “Is my data safe?” Exact is the answer.
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