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Change the way you think about space. We are here for you at every stage of your business. Be more prepared to run your company inside our office space or through our virtual office, virtual receptionist, meeting rooms and entrepreneurial tech acceleration services!


Some of the 300+ companies inside our community

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Thinkspace is a very vibrant and upbeat environment. Peter understands what it takes to be at ground zero and always willing to work with startups to provide them an opportunity to be successful.

iDataLabsMeetul Shaw
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Thinkspace has a proclivity for innovation and sincere interest in supporting client success. Thinkspace is an upbeat community of successful tech entrepreneurs.

Contract Manufacturing ConsultantsRobert Fried
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Relocating the business out of our homes into Thinkspace was our best move yet! The digs are great, the location convenient and the staff exceptional. We’ve also enjoy the “business community ” we’ve gained being at Thinkspace.

AK Nextant GroupAli Spain
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The Thinkspace team is part of OUR team. They’re an extension of our staff in so many ways, and have been critical to our success thus far.

Heinz MarketingMatt Heinz
  • Entrepreneurial Tech Acceleration Services

    We provide entrepreneurial tech acceleration services that strengthens the social fabric around entrepreneurs and contribute to their success.

  • Fearless Launching

    Stop Waiting. Start Launching. Find out how to hire a rockstar launch team!

  • Recruiting Team

    With 20 years of technical recruiting experience we help find contract and permanent engineers and designers for your startup.

  • Tech

    Special access to Amazon Activate, Microsoft Bizspark, Microsoft Azure, and other amazing startup tech tools, support, and developers!

  • Funding

    Host of the 2013 Seattle Angel Conference due diligence meetings. Connect with angels and Bankers Capital inside thinkspace!


Trusted partners that bring mentorship, access to startup software, engineering and technology support to build your company

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Office Hours

Here are a few of our different subject matter experts to tap into!

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Request office hours with experts

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Angel Investor, Startup CEO, Advisor, Seattle Angel Conference

Brad Carpenter
testimonial don gerould 80x80 thinkspace

Sales Teams, Exit Strategy, Turn Around Expert, Culture, Investor

Don Gerould
testimonials anne somoilov 80x80 thinkspace

Startup Founder, Launch expert, Project Management, Online Marketing

Anne Samoilov
testimonials peter chee 80x80 thinkspace

Entrepreneur, Tech + Real Estate, EO Accelerator Board, EO/MIT Entrepreneurial Masters

Peter Chee
testimonials matt heinz 80x80 thinkspace

Sales Acceleration, Marketing Strategy, Speaker, Author, Schedule a 10 minute brainstorm!

Matt Heinz
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Legal counsel to startups and emerging growth companies.

Joe Wallin

House of Genius

HouseOfGeniusLogo 210x130 thinkspaceHouse of Genius brings together entrepreneurs and a diverse mix of business leaders from the community for an evening each month of disruptive thinking, supportive input, and creative new ideas. You’ll find Houses in many cities in the United States and Asia. House of Genius is continually growing based on grassroots demand. Together, we create Genius.

Hackers and Founders

A Meetup group that aims to help someone with a technical background find someone with a business background come together as co-founders. We hold this Meetup at the Microsoft Store.

Member Spotlight: reKode

rekode logo 120x30 thinkspacereKode’s Rakel Sölvadóttir: Where children, teenagers, and teachers can learn how to code.

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Award Winning Teaching

We reKode education by teaching young people from the age of six how to code. Our mission is to spark interest in technology through the reKode Methodology so that students have the opportunity to become innovators rather than consumers of technology.

Seattle Angel Conference

Hosting the due diligence meetings for the Seattle Angel Conference

How to Divide Equity to Startup Founders, Advisors, and Employees

Since returning from MIT back in June I’ve been focusing on the growth of the company. It has been pretty much on mind non-stop for months now. The part that I’d like to zero in on is when you’ve got a high growth company what are some of the best practices out there to distribute equity to the founders, advisors, and employees? [Read more]

There’s no weakness in forgiveness

Forgiveness is not a natural human response. At times, it’s even easier to forgive people for being wrong rather than being right. In a competitive environment like a workplace, forgiveness can seem more like a sign of weakness rather than a helpful step towards resolution. [Read more]