SXSW 2012 Voting- Help us Support Thinkspace Member Panels

August 26, 2011

SXSW Panel Picker VotingThis year there are 3,278 panel submissions for 2012 SXSW interactive conference. Help us support our thinkspace members who have submitted a panel proposal. You have until September 2nd at 11:59pm Central time to cast your votes. It only takes a few seconds to register to vote. Thanks for your help!
Take a look at some of the proposals our members have submitted:
How To Break Through The Noise With Great Events by Jason Preston from the Parnassus Group
Description: “By now, every good marketer knows that bringing people together in the real world is a powerful tool for building a community around your company. Despite all our cool social platforms, from Google+ to Quora to Facebook, there is no substitution for getting together in good old physical reality. But how many parties are there at SXSW? How many drinkups are there every evening in New York, San Francisco, or Seattle? How do you stand out from the crowd and build an event for your audience that will draw people in and help you really connect? In this session, Jason Preston, Vice President of Strategy at the Parnassus Group, the creators of the Tweet House, 140tc Twitter Conference, and the Blog Business Summit, will share the secrets to creating a compelling event that will rise above the noise and turn attendees into evangelists.”
Time to Rethink Plugged in Parenting by Maya Bisineer from Memetales
Description: “A reality show that tracks journeys and learning from the life of 5 – 10 media and device addicted parents from different backgrounds and careers as they experiment with specific ways “unplug from devices” while they parent. At the panel, these parents present their learning, their journey and specific outcomes of their unplugging experiments such as no-device dinners, no device vacations and dedicated no device hours every single day. Do these parents experience a better quality of life as a result of unplugging or do they replace their computers and mobile phones with something else that takes their attention? This panel will be a lively discussion, discovery and argument all rolled into one. As parents we should care about and involve ourselves in these valuable discussions and make our perspectives be heard. Panelists will be self nominated social media and device junkies willing to experiment.”
Show me the Money: Helping Non-profits survive! by Daniel Todd from GlobalMojo
Description: “This expert panel will discuss some of the challenges of non-profits and tools and tips they can use to engage their supporters in other ways beyond requesting direct donations.”
Tired of @#%ing Social Media Experts? by Sean McDonald from Ant’s Eye View
Description: “You cannot swing a dead cat without hitting a “social media expert” (that is an expression, I am not suggesting kitty homicide). These “experts” are self anointed, often re-publishing sound bytes. But perhaps the best answers come from practitioners, like you. Join this session to get real answers from your peers on the toughest questions in social media. Format will be a quiz game show where audience volunteers are asked a question. The worst answer will lose their seat. There will be a final round to anoint the “social media expert”. The winner (determined by the audience) will win a valuable prize, in addition to the glory. You will learn real answers to real questions, but perhaps most importantly learn that the real experts getting business results are not necessarily the ones who who spend the most time to pimping themselves on Twitter.”


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