ZaaLabs- Software Consulting Agency Takes on The Project of Eden

August 29, 2011

ZaaLabsZaaLabs is a software consulting agency, specializing in building mobile apps across a variety platforms. “We can basically write stuff that runs anywhere: Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Nook, Nook color.” They’re not just about Apple, they’re about everyone.Nate Beck started ZaaLabs in February 2010 and in February 2011 had a promising new product: Eden. Eden is a platform for rapid tool development for Adobe Flash and one of the many projects coming out of Seattle based ZaaLabs. While still in its beta stage, Eden is available to the public for free download.
The need for a product like Eden is evident. With so many commercial options available, most developers end up using products that don’t meet their specific needs or they spend time writing their own code. With Eden there’s a standard, a way to write modular, reusable tools. “Our goal [with Eden] is to give you 80% of your tooling needs right out of the box. That way you only need to write the 20% specific to your game.”
Designer Turned Programmer & A Passion For Print
Beck is a programmer, a gamer, and has a soft spot for good film. “I wanted to make movies but I also liked computers; so, I was kind of torn.” In college, Beck studied everything from fine art and multimedia design to computer science and web design. Eventually he found his calling in programming. In fact, a former Boeing employee, Beck went in as a designer and came out a programmer.
But if you think Beck is all about computers you might be wrong. He also has a thing for books. “I love books—LOVE books. But they tend to be technical books, like, How to Work C#. I did just reread the 4-Hour Workweek. ” Okay, so maybe he is all about programming.
ZaaLabs – What’s in a Name?
ZaaLabs is a place where employees are passionate about technology and experiment with new concepts. “We do a lot of experimental stuff,” says Beck, “so I like the concept of labs.” Beck wanted a short name that still had meaning, and after living through enough rainy winters in Seattle, he felt he had a claim to something that represented the home of the company’s headquarters. He found “zaa,” pronounced zah, the Japanese onomatopoetic word for rain.
Check out the YouTube video of Nate Beck presenting at Ignite Seattle on how to stalk celebrities using photo gps tracking:


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