I’d like to share with our community that Alyssa Magnotti has been promoted into a new position here at thinkspace. As an entrepreneur, I forget all the time to recognize the wins and take a moment to pause. The win that I’m recognizing today is that I’ve finally got my #2 in place! Alyssa’s new title is COO and is a part of my executive team. It’s exciting for me because I can’t think of anyone that would be a better fit for this position. I’ve been making a lot of changes over the last few years and this year I’m working on filling the gaps by forming a new Board of Advisors (which is another exciting announcement for another day) and nurturing my employees. In a small company, things are moving so rapidly it’s sometimes hard to slow down enough to recognize the wins and celebrate.

The Past and Present

Over the last few years here, Alyssa began her journey as the Community Manager. She later took on the role focusing on Business Development. It’s through these two positions that she has help create a wonderful community inside thinkspace. I’ve really enjoyed working with her and watching her evolve and grow both personally and professionally. Alyssa exemplifies all of our core values and has natural leadership abilities. Alyssa has helped me shape this company to what it is today starting with our most important asset, our people. She’s been directly involved with the hiring and mentoring of every single person on our team. She has also been a part of almost every major decision I’ve made along the way. She’s been my #2 and partner without the formal title until now.

The Future

Tom Peter’s says “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders”. I’m doing my best to lead, by getting out of her way so she can be a great leader in her new role. Today, I pause and appreciate what she has already done for me and the company, but, like true entrepreneurs, tomorrow we’re going to be running toward the future. Please take a moment and join me in celebrating Alyssa’s promotion!

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  1. Cameron Plommer
    Cameron Plommer says:

    Way to go Alyssa! Even though we’ve only spoke once I could tell you are definitely on your game. I would love to speak with you more about what you do as a COO once you get into it a bit more. Being in a COO-type role is something I aspire to. I wish you luck in your new role.

  2. Leaming Chee-Brown
    Leaming Chee-Brown says:

    Wow Alyssa! Congratulations! Knowing Pete this is HUGE. For him to trust someone for this is a BIG thing. For Pete to catch his breath and for you to take on this position is truly a wonderful thing. Pete- you must have found someone quite talented to “lean” on, happy for you both. Thinkspace is headed to bigger and better things.Congrats again Alyssa, looking forward to meeting #2 someday!

  3. Mirko Freguia
    Mirko Freguia says:

    Alyssa, this announcement slipped by me last week, so here’s a late but sincere and heart-felt congratulations to you for earning such an important and obviously deserved title. I still have a ways to go in getting to know Peter and you and the team at thinkspace, but clearly you’re all doing something right, and supporting and nurturing and acknowledging each other like a great team does. You are truly lucky to have a boss who treats you like a partner and who knows the importance of “getting out of your way…” and allowing you to do what you do best. All the best, and congratulations again. Mirko

    • Alyssa Magnotti
      Alyssa Magnotti says:

      Mirko, thank you so much for the kind words! I am definitely grateful to be a part of thinkspace and I love that I get the pleasure of knowing companies like yours! :] Thanks for your support! 


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