A Passive Aggressive Guide to Dishwashing in the Workplace

August 7, 2011

It’s a beautiful Monday morning.  You have sifted through your weekend emails, exchanged pleasantries with your coworkers and now it’s time to sashay your way to the all-important coffee pot.  Your theme song for the day might as well be Eye of the Tiger, but as you turn the corner into the kitchen a new song begins to play.  It’s a little song we like to call JAWS.   The sheer horror of the frat house stack of dishes between you and the coffee pot is outrageous!  Who would do such a thing?
The way I see it, you can do one of four things.  First, you can refuse to wash the dishes until someone else does.  The second option is to make a habit of cleaning up after everyone around you and let your hands shrivel up from all of the water exposure.  Third, you can install a siren in the kitchen so anytime someone violates the dish washing code it goes off, leaving them wishing they were sitting in front of the speakers at a KISS concert.  The final option, and my personal favorite, is educating your fellow kitchen dwellers by posting a flow chart about how to do the dishes.  It may be a little passive aggressive, but please see below:
Click to download the 11×17 .pdf version


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