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What a Virtual Receptionist Can Do For Your Small Business

Thinkspace Virtual ReceptionistWhen calling a company I find it very frustrating when my call is sent straight to voicemail. Even if the person I am trying to reach is unavailable, I always prefer talking to a receptionist to ensure that my call was received in the first place.
Here at thinkspace we answer phones for businesses and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. Many of them being lawyers, CPAs, consultants, and just general multi-taskers! The companies that we answer call for have benefitted their business in several way from our phone answering service. Each of our virtual receptionist clients wants to provide a great customer service experience to the people who call their company. However, not every small business can afford to hire an additional employee to answer their phones. Or, they may not need an additional employee for anything other than answering their phones. And, this is where we come in!
We offer a live phone answering service where all of your calls are handled as if you had your own personal live receptionist. We customize everything about the service and tailor it to your business. As your personal receptionist, we will answer your calls, and can transfer them to a variety of different destinations (cell, home, office, voicemail box, etc.) If you prefer, we will call you and inform you of the caller and their reason for calling before transferring the call through to you.

5 Benefits of Having a Virtual Receptionist:

  1. Providing an optimal customer service experience for your clients
  2. Making your business look bigger without shelling out the extra cash for a new employee. Your callers will never know that they’re talking to a virtual receptionist.
  3. Separating your home and work calls. You’ll have your business line separate from your ringing cellphone at dinnertime!
  4. Never missing an important call again.
  5. Getting your voicemail messages emailed to you in a .wav file. It’s great to be able to check your voicemail box from anywhere!

Our receptionist team can provide your callers with basic information about your business (directions, pricing, different service options etc.)! Therefore, you don’t have to spend time on the phone answering redundant questions. Our answering service is truly designed to support your business growth with ease, and at a price that won’t skyrocket your overhead. We have a list of testimonials, which explain how our service has supported many businesses.
Our virtual receptionist plans start at just $139/month for 50 minutes of answering time (the amount of time we’re on the phone for, not how long you’re on the call for!) Each of our plans includes up to 5 different extensions or voicemail boxes. Right now we are offering a 14-day free trial for our phone answering service. So, feel free to try us out for two weeks at no cost to you.


  • Lorilen Arellano

    May 7, 2011

    Lost calls mean lost business.It’s very important to have the most effective receptionist.When a customer or partner calls, you want to give them a live and warm voice human than a voice mail system.Nowaday’s a lot of company’s reputation and new business is on the line, how quickly and professionally you answer and respond to inbound calls is extremely important.Having an alert communications’ virtual office answering service helps you capture new-client opportunities and provides best-in-class service to all your customers.

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