Triple digit heat brings our community together

August 3, 2009

Last week we had record heat and we also had a bunch of people come to use thinkspace for the first time due to my “beat the heat” tweet.  People came as far as Everett, Seattle, Bellevue, and Sammamish to get out of the heat and try out our coworking space.  We also got a nice plug from Seattle Times Reporter Lindsay Toller who saw the Twitter tweets and re-tweets.  Seattle Times article titled: “Talk of triple-digit temps creates tweet wave on Twitter”.
I really enjoyed the interaction that occured between complete strangers.  It’s sweet how things like extreme heat can bring people together that would have never have otherwise met.  Throughout the week we had ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, creamsicles, watermelon, and lemonade.  Here are a few photos and a videos from the week:
Top row: Sign says temp is 119; Kate Walling, Tom MusicDave Manningsmith
Middle row: Dustin Johnson, Sean O’Driscol, Kory Gill, Loan Gordon, Jason Preston
Bottom row: Steve Doherty, Carrie, Dawn Mertens (behind Marius), Marius Nita, Steve Broback, Phuong Plagge

While some of the discussions were about business models, one conversation was about when was your last date.  Here’s a little 30 second random video featuring Kate Walling, Jason Preston, and Steve Broback.


Picture of thinkspace