Beat the Heat! Free coworking this week

July 27, 2009

I left the house this morning and it was already 77 degrees.  For four years I worked at home and remember that once in a while the temperature gets so warm that it really is hard to work inside the house.
So this week, I’m opening up thinkspace for free to people looking to start their own business or entrepreneurs working from home.
We’ve got a community of entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses.
You can enjoy a nice desk, chair, WIFI, white boards, in an air-conditioned space and feel good drinking a warm cup of coffee.  Just swing by and say you’re here to “Beat the heat”.
We’re located 200ft from the Redmond Transit Center.  If you come by bus, we’ll give you a free bus ticket to get back to your home.  We’re partnered with the City of Redmond’s R-Trip program and we’re trying to promote trip reduction into the city.  * Free bus tickets, until we run out!


Picture of thinkspace