Thinkspace CEO & Founder Celebrated as a Community Builder in Boston Marathon

February 28, 2020

There is a strong connection between entrepreneurs and endurance athletes. It’s not surprising when you think of what is needed to excel in either ambition. You need to be disciplined. You need to train. You need to be organized. You need to prepare for the unexpected and to try to have fun. Thinkspace CEO and Founder, Peter Chee, initially started running to help manage stress. As miles turned to marathons, he set his goals loftier. As a community, we at Thinkspace would like to highlight an exciting opportunity Peter was chosen for, the Hyland’s Powered Community Builder team for the 2020 Boston Marathon.

Hyland’s to Celebrate Community Builders in 2020 Boston Marathon®

Seattle, WA resident Peter Chee selected to join inspiring national team of changemakers

LOS ANGELES – February 21, 2020 – Because our communities and social ties have a huge impact on our health, this year Hyland’s, the Official Cramp Relief Sponsor of the Boston Marathon,® has chosen to celebrate community builders. A homeopathic medicine company dedicated to empowering athletes to achieve their goals on race day, and every day, Hyland’s will show its gratitude to this powerful group of Americans by bringing a hand-picked team to one of the world’s most coveted starting lines. This year Peter Chee, a Seattle resident who is the founder and CEO of Thinkspace, has been selected for the Hyland’s Powered Community Builder team.

Chee founded the Thinkspace community in 2008. At the time, it was one of the first coworking spaces in the United States and the first to be LEED-certified. When the recession hit six months later, Chee didn’t quit. He doubled down, certain that the community would be more important than ever: “A strong sense of community makes the difference for entrepreneurs and startups to not only survive, but thrive,” he says. Today, the community has supported over 600 startups, from people using NASA technologies in undersea automation to scientists building neural networks for the stock market. Thinkspace has not only supported small businesses, nurturing the creation of thousands of jobs, but has also benefited individuals, raising over $70,000 for one employee’s urgent healthcare needs. Now, Thinkspace is partnering with TEDxSeattle to host events centered around diversity and climate change.

Although Chee may seem dauntless, he initially started running as an outlet for stress. “I realized I was getting older, and I felt like the edge was too close. The stress of life, running a company, the birth of my twin boys, and losing a few friends to cancer was too much to handle, so I signed up for my first marathon,” he says. Sharing stories about running fueled Chee’s desire to share stories about other hard things. “In 2016, we started an event series called Grit and Resilience,” Chee says. “We brought the community together to share stories about overcoming or enduring adversity. The stories really resonated with people – there are so many obstacles in entrepreneurship, startups, and life.” Chee continues to find joy in running with others, including athletes from the Seattle Green Lake Running Group and the Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group. All that training has paid off: since 2015, he has run eleven marathons, and in 2019, he ran his first Boston Qualifying (BQ) time. As he looks towards Boston, he is excited about being part of another community – this year’s Hyland’s Community Builder Team.

To learn more about Peter Chee, watch his Community Builder Portrait here.

From a teachers’ team in 2018 to a healers’ team in 2019, Hyland’s supports community athletes so they can in turn help and inspire others. Each campaign team becomes an extension of Hyland’s mission, representing the best of service and love, and united by a common passion for running.

The 124th running of the Boston Marathon will take place on April 20, 2020. To learn more about the Hyland’s team and to follow along as they train, visit or FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



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Established in 1887, the Boston Athletic Association is a non-profit organization with a mission of promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports, especially running. The B.A.A.’s Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon, and the organization manages other local events and supports comprehensive charity, youth, and year-round running programs, including high performance athletes and running club. Since 1986, the principal sponsor of the Boston Marathon has been John Hancock. The Boston Marathon is part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors, along with international marathons in Tokyo, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City. More than 60,000 runners participate in B.A.A. events annually. The 124th Boston Marathon will be held on Monday, April 20, 2020. For more information on the B.A.A., please visit


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