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The Worst Personal Decision I’ve Made In a Long Time

Some people might call me a little competitive. I think there could be a little truth to that.
I just finished up a two month no-carb challenge with my Entrepreneur Organization forum mates. I am always up to a challenge and this is the one time where I think I probably should have walked away from the challenge and said I don’t need to go through this. There’s nothing to prove. Proving that I have will power? I certainly didn’t need to lose weight. While I think it’s good to “detox” from various things once in a while like quit coffee, alcohol, sugar, red meat… and it’s probably good to stay off carbs for a little while too. But, the length of time — two whole months was just way too long.
What did I learn? That I shouldn’t accept every challenge that comes my way. I also learned that I probably shouldn’t eat three plates of pesto pasta because it tastes good. I will likely keep my portions under control going forward. Competition is good but this is one thing that I wish I would have never participated in. What’s something that you’ve done that you wish you hadn’t?!
Updated: 11:45pm thanks @lamiki had to add this into the post!

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  • david reeves

    August 15, 2012

    Maybe you “won” by supporting and motivating other people in the challenge who really needed it!

    • Peter Chee

      August 15, 2012

      It’s quite funny the other people in the group that participated all think this was one of the best things they have ever done. Yes, the group accountability was good, but, I could have cheered them on from the sideline! The good thing is that I will not accept ever single challenge that comes my way! I’m learning how to say NO!

  • Lee Peterson

    August 16, 2012

    Worst personal decision: not to man up and commit myself to a diet. You’ve inspired me! It’s too easy to fall back into the habit of over-eating and forgetting about portion control.
    BTW, I’m curious why you chose that photo for the blog post. Care to enlighten me?

    • Peter Chee

      August 16, 2012

      Glad to have inspired you Lee. The low carb diet definitely works. One thing that also drives a ton of motivation to exercise is the Nike Fuelband. (search that + thinkspace and you’ll find my blog post on that one!)
      The photo was the best picture I could find of a guy that was acting “I can’t believe I just did that”. Also, I know a few people out there that really like Ryan Gosling so its a gift to them!

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