The Worst Personal Decision I’ve Made In a Long Time

August 16, 2012

Some people might call me a little competitive. I think there could be a little truth to that.
I just finished up a two month no-carb challenge with my Entrepreneur Organization forum mates. I am always up to a challenge and this is the one time where I think I probably should have walked away from the challenge and said I don’t need to go through this. There’s nothing to prove. Proving that I have will power? I certainly didn’t need to lose weight. While I think it’s good to “detox” from various things once in a while like quit coffee, alcohol, sugar, red meat… and it’s probably good to stay off carbs for a little while too. But, the length of time — two whole months was just way too long.
What did I learn? That I shouldn’t accept every challenge that comes my way. I also learned that I probably shouldn’t eat three plates of pesto pasta because it tastes good. I will likely keep my portions under control going forward. Competition is good but this is one thing that I wish I would have never participated in. What’s something that you’ve done that you wish you hadn’t?!
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