The Cycle of Anything Impossible – TEDx Talk by Peter Chee

May 14, 2020

tedx-peter-chee-thinkspacetedx-peter-mantraIn February, a week before the Coronavirus started to really started to slow things down I gave a TEDx Talk titled “The Cycle of Anything Impossible”. While the talk was given nearly 3 months ago, it just now been released and posted on

I watched the talk a few days ago for the first time. I was wondering does my message still hold true? What about this talk resonates with me now?

We are all doing hard things and now those hard things feel even harder. For me, more than ever, I have to stay present in the moment. When I start to look too far out in front, I start to get anxious, I even catastrophize what might happen, that never leads to a good ending. So I sit here and think yes, I have to stay present in the moment and yes little by little I’m going to be doing this.

The talk is done, the message, still holds true for me, and I know in these incredibly uncertain times when things feel impossible there is cycle that we all have to work through to get through it. I’m interested to hear what your thoughts are from listening to this talk.