One week ago, we sent out a office space survey through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to find out if we expanded into Seattle where would you like to see thinkspace be located.  We got back a lot of responses, more than I expected!  The chart shows the results from the question “Location – Where do you want this to be?”.  Pioneer Square 42% of the votes. South Lake Union at 22%, Fremont at 14%, Capitol Hill at 8%, and 14% fell into the “other” bucket.  My question to those of you that picked South Lake Union as your number one choice — if we take office space in Pioneer Square would you still come use our space?

Parking is another thing that we polled on.  31% of the responses said “Parking should be free”.  Not a big surprise here, but, seriously free parking in Seattle went the way of the dinosaur a long time ago.  I’m very happy to see that 22% preferred to Walk or Bike as I personally like walkable neighborhoods (thinkspace Redmond has a walkscore of 97).  That was followed by 17% Pay Lots and 14% Street Parking.  Having worked in Pioneer Square for about five years, I’ve accepted the fact that if I want to work in Seattle I will have to pay for parking.  I think that’s a small trade off considering how cool it is to work in the downtown.

Our next step is share some photos of the office space that we’ve identified in Pioneer Square and get your feedback on the atmosphere that you’d like to have!  It’s really important to us that we have the right “vibe” as it’s also the highest ranking survey question based on how everyone responded.  We’ll post some photos later this week and we’ll want to get more feedback from you all.  Thanks again for filling out our survey!

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    For me personally, unless there’s free/accessible parking, I wouldn’t regularly use a space in Pioneer Square, just because parking is SO terrible and expensive in that area, and I know I couldn’t get motivated to take the bus there every day. But I would definitely come visit you guys!

  2. thinkspace
    thinkspace says:

    Sasha, thanks for leaving a comment. I’ll have to check out South Lake Union area, I was not aware of lots of free parking areas in that part of town. Seems like everywhere I go to eat in SLU I have to pay. One of my favorite places to eat is I Love Sushi and they don’t validate parking in their own parking lot.


    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      You’re right — there aren’t a lot of free parking areas around here. But you can usually find somewhere to park for under $10 for the whole day, and it’s rarely hard to find parking. I feel like every time I go to Pioneer Square I have to hunt around for awhile and then pay $10 for an hour or two. Maybe it’s just a lack of familiarity with Pioneer Square for me — do you have a parking lot/garage in mind that members could use?


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