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Seattle Mind Camp 7- August 20th at thinkspace

Chaos, creativity, and collaboration unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. Join us for Seattle Mind Camp on August 20th-21st here at thinkspace. Seattle Mind Camp is a 24-hour self-organizing unconference designed for anyone interested in connecting with creative and technology obsessed Seattleites. “The Mind Camp experience seeks to leverage that idea by completely doing away with a pre-planned program of speakers. The day’s sessions will be designed by the attendees and the schedule will be created by the attendees themselves.”
Seattle Mind Camp organizer, Andru Edwards has extended a 20% off ticket discount code to our community. If you’re interested in attending Seattle Mind Camp, please RSVP using ‘think’ as the discount code when registering for Seattle Mind Camp.
If you live in the Greater Seattle Area, you really don’t want to miss this event.
Check out Seattle Mind Camp’s YouTube channel for some videos from past events. See you there!


  • Iris

    August 1, 2011

    I’d love to experience the mind camp… But I’m guessing I’d be the odd man out since I don’t use any of the latest technology, no smart phone, no lap top, don’t text.
    Is this the right event for me? What are attendees asked to do (specifically)?

    • Andru Edwards

      August 1, 2011

      Hi Iris,
      Andru Edwards here – I run Mind Camp 🙂
      In a nutshell, the short answer is that Mind Camp is for everyone. It isn’t a tech camp, or social media camp, or anything else that pigeonholes the event. It is literally, whatever is on your mind.
      We typically have about 6 things going on in a different room each hour. In one room you might have a talk about iPhone development, and in another you have Knitting 101, and in yet another you have someone brainstorming the creation of a new board game. After an hour, those sessions end and 6 news ones begin. As the event goes on, you are meeting people and learning about their passions, teaching and learning, etc.
      Everyone can propose a session at Mind Camp. You will get a session form when you arrive. On it, you fill out what you want to talk about. It can be *ANYTHING*. As technical as space flight and exploration to as simple as coming up with a new strategy for Tic Tac Toe – and anything in between.
      Hope that helps! If not – ask away.

      • Have

        August 2, 2011

        Andru, thanks for the helpful explanation! It sounds so intriguing, I’m gonna give it a try.

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