Networking Without The Business Talk at Schmooze & Booze

July 19, 2011

Schmooze & Booze is a monthly networking event designed to bring business professionals together to talk about something other than their work or business. I know, the idea sounds a bit strange when labeled as a “networking event.” However, keep in mind that in business you’re more likely to do repeat business with someone you know personally. Ultimately, the intention behind Schmooze & Booze is to support the community in building real and sustainable relationships with people that they wouldn’t usually converse with at an event. At the very least, you will definitely make a few new friends.
Taken from the Schmooze & Booze Event Description:
There are 3 “Commandments” of Schmooze & Booze:

  1. Thou shalt only speak of Schmooze & Booze to someone who hast proven to be of similar professional lineage. (Only fun people, no a**holes)
  2. Thou shalt bring they professional plaquard as to link our group. (bring your business card)
  3.  Thou shalt not talk about thy business or ask of anothers’ whilst in the ceremonial chamber. (no prospecting or business while at the bar)


Thou shall buy thy justified accuser one drink of righteous choice.
That’s right. If you chose to violate the rules and talk about your business at Schmooze & Booze you will be required to buy the person you’re speaking with their drink of choice. It’s a fun way to keep the conversations going, and to fuel the thirsty.
Schmooze & Booze attendees can opt to drop their business cards or contact information in a jar, and everyone’s information will be sent out the very next morning. If you met someone worth remembering this will be your opportunity to connect with him or her over email, LinkedIn, or your own preferred method of communication.
This month’s event is happening this Wednesday, July 20th from 5:30-8:00 pm at the Sky Ultra Lounge in Bellevue. Please RSVP. I hope to see you there!


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