Fun recycled marketing collateral

October 23, 2008

Back during the Green Festival Seattle, I found a company called the Sustainable Group.  They sell really cool looking office supplies like the Repocket (shown here in the picture).  All of their stuff is made of recycled cardboard!  It really makes quite a statement when you put your marketing collateral inside one of these folders.
I had a chance to go out to their office over in Ballard and met a few of the people that work there.  They were all very nice and were showing me all the different ways to put my company logo on various things like 3-ring binders, folders, CD jackets, mailers, and labels.  I even got a few samples of these things to which is always fun. 
Any business that is making a statement about caring for the environment and has a commitment to sustainability, should be looking at these babies.  They are guaranteed to make people go ooh and ahh.  Yes, it’s cardboard, but, even that makes me excited compared to the plastic glossy coated junk.


Picture of thinkspace