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Member Spotlight: Colvin Pitts of Lytro

Click to refocus. Click and drag for Perspective Shift.
Lytro has just opened a new office in Redmond at thinkspace. We are excited to be expanding our physical presence, and are thrilled to be part of the thinkspace community. The Lytro camera lets you capture and share what you see in a whole new way. The key innovation is light field technology, which captures all of the light rays in a scene to create interactive, living pictures. Instead of capturing a flat 2D image, the light field includes all the rays of light traveling in every direction through a scene. And that changes everything.  By capturing the light field, you can do incredible things. Like refocus pictures after you take them. On the camera you can tap the touchscreen on whatever part of the picture you want to bring into focus. Once a picture is imported into your computer, click to refocus.  It also allows you to change the perspective of the captured image.
Click to refocus.  Click and drag for Perspective Shift.
The company was founded in 2006 by CEO Dr. Ren Ng, whose research in light field photography won best PhD dissertation in computer science at Stanford in 2006 as well as the internationally recognized ACM award. Lytro has raised approximately $50 million to date from Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, NEA, and K9 Ventures along with individual investors.
Visit www.lytro.com for more details.


  • Sami

    July 24, 2013

    Wow! That’s all I can say!
    I appreciate the part about your founder, Dr. Ren Ng. It’s pretty awesome hearing these accomplishments! Way to go guys!

  • Peter Chee

    July 24, 2013

    Colvin I’m glad to have you in here. LYTRO has amazing technology and I can’t wait to see what else you guys create going forward.

  • Jamie

    July 24, 2013

    I borrowed a member’s Lytro and took photos in Fremont (Seattle) one day. I loved how easy it was, and super easy to get the photos on my computer (a nice feature for the technically challenged). I love to see companies grow and I think Lytro is a great addition to thinkspace!

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