How’s your [think]space?

January 18, 2013

Enter [what’s been on my mind]

messy-desk1Does this ever happen to you?

 You’re about to start a new task, and you realize you cannot begin until you either

    a) throw away the collection of empty Starbucks cups,
    b) clear away the mound of papers collecting on your desk,
    c) try out a new organizational strategy (apparently the current one is not working), or
    d) all of the above.

For some reason, organization and my [think]space are correlated because in the midst of unorganized chaos, I have a hard time getting any work done.

Blink [see a new perspective]

Maybe I’m not alone in my multiple choice dilemma.
And maybe the best solution isn’t found in either a, b, c, or d.
Your work environment directly affects your productivity, therefore the status of your [think]space should be taken seriously.

Shift [try it out]

It’s not too late to still start off the new year in a more efficient and organized way.  Resources are literally clicks away and readily available to help people like me (and possibly people like you). Innovatively Organized is local productivity consulting firm, and they just happen to specialize in this very topic.  After checking out their website, I already feel inspired and equipped with checklists, innovative ideas to manage my desk space, and ways to handle digital clutter.

Listen [hear from our community]

Coming up next week Wednesday, we have the opportunity to hear from the CEO of Innovatively Organized, Elizabeth Bowman, at one of our Brown Bag Lunch Events.  The event is called Maximize the Potential: Quick Tips to Organize Your Cubical or Small Office, and it will provide helpful hints on how to maximize your desk space and storage.  For more information and to register for this event, click here.


Picture of Annie Duncan

Annie Duncan