Erin Burchfield, CEO of NQuiry to speak at thinkspace Seattle | Hackers and Founders

September 19, 2013

loop-erin-burchfield-hf-posterErin Burchfield (CEO) and Teagen Densmore, will demo Loop, their Social polling app which recently raised $450K. Erin and Teagen’s app that gives you feedback on questions, whether it’s to an entire network of people or just a few friends. I’ve been using this app regularly for about three weeks now and when ever I want to get a pulse on something I ask the question on Loop. My last question was “What’s your favorite red (wine)”. I personally like a nice glass of syrah but apparently I need to try out a zinfandel or malbec sometime!
Come join us to hear their entrepreneurial story, how they became cofounders, and raised $450K to jump start their startup. We’re holding it at our new Seattle location in Fremont on September 26 at 6pm. RSVP here on our Hackers and Founders page.




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