Discover Who Unfriends You on Facebook

July 23, 2011

This is a guest blog post from our friends over at Salty Waffle. Written by Mitchell Cuevas.
who deleted me on facebook, facebook unfriend notificationI am warning you, what I am about to teach you may give you information you think you want to know, but actually don’t. While there are all sorts of scams out there promising to tell you who is visiting your Facebook the most and other bogus apps like that, this is a little different, mostly in that it actually works.

You will never be able to tell who is looking at your Facebook, it’s just impossible, but with the use of some scripts and simple add-ons you can monitor your own friend list to detect changes. This allows you to know when a person is no longer in your list of friends. The reason for that could be one of many, not just that they hate you and deleted you.

They may have…

  • Deactivated their account
  • Been removed by you
  • Have blocked you completely
  • Or…they actually did delete you as a friend.

So, if you are prepared to know when one of these changes happen, here is how to get set up in each of the major browsers. Be careful though, it may leave you with more questions than answers. I found that I wanted to know whether or not they actually deleted me, just deactivated their account, or blocked me. Then I started wondering what I could have done wrong…it could lead to a vicious circle so just be ready!

  1. Google Chrome: My browser of choice and the best for just so many reasons has it’s own little extension available in the gallery for a painless install. You can find that extension here, it has worked perfectly for me for the last two weeks.
  2. Internet Explorer: If you are using IE and aren’t forced to, I’d really consider a new browser. If you want to know why, email me personally at [email protected] and I’ll convince you why you shouldn’t be using it. Anyway, in the case that you love it or can’t change, there is a script that runs a Friend Checker for Facebook using a Greasemonkey add-on. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means.) Just go here first and install that package, then go here and install this onesecond. The order is important!
  3. Firefox: Firefox is another great browser and works by using a Greasemonkey add-on in combination with a script. To install the friend checker install the Greasemonkey package first and then go here to install the script. Like IE, make sure you do it in that order.
  4. Safari: Now if you are one of my dear friends unfortunate enough to be stuck on a mac and for some reason love Safari (jk, my apologies), I got something for you too. Install this kit here to allow scripts and then install the script from here. If it doesn’t work, just wait. :)

With that I will leave you to your own demise, install carefully and be prepared to start second guessing every Facebook friend change that happens. Don’t drive yourself crazy! (If you are having trouble with any of the installs above, you may try this app, but be aware that it has access to portions of your profile.


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