Creative & Positive Energy: Barbara Evans is our newest team member

July 20, 2010

The thinkspace team has grown again!  Hiring people is one of my top priorities.  In my MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program, we focused a lot of time on people as a foundation for building a great business.  One of the books that we had to read was “Who” by Geoff Smart.  The book addresses: “Your number one problem is not what, it’s who”.  My management style is not to tell someone exactly the path to get something done, rather, it’s more important for someone to focus on results rather than process.  After spending a lot of time getting to know Barbara Evans over the last few weeks, it’s become clear to me that she shares the thinkspace core values, has a breadth and depth of knowledge in marketing and branding, is intellectually curious, and is customer focused to immediately add value to our members and their customers.  Barbara loves to work closely with companies and small businesses on how to implement a Social Media Marketing campaign – use Social Media to raise SEO and has taught companies through a wide variety of speaking engagements.
Barbara radiates a true entrepreneurial spirit. Her positive attitude, and infectious personality make her a perfect Community Marketing Manager for thinkspace. After years of Internet Marketing and online community building through Social Media, Barbara applies her skills to build communities and connect with people both within the walls of thinkspace, as well as in the community around us. Barbara is from New York State and has brought with her a MA in Social Anthropology and a cat. She lives life to the fullest with hobbies such as aviation, SCUBA, ultra marathon running, trapeze arts and rock climbing.
The team couldn’t be more excited to have her on the team.  Please drop by and give her a warm welcome.  You can contact her through email barbara [@] thinkspace [dot] com and of course through Twitter (Seattle Wine Gal) and LinkedIn.  I think we all should expect that there will be wine at some future events at thinkspace too.




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