52 Books in a Year: Week 14

June 28, 2013

Sequel to Week 13’s Mourning Becomes Cassandra, The Littlest Doubts continues the fun, and at times comical, plot line.  The book also ties up a few loose ends, but not in the way one expects.  Dudley keeps you guessing until the final pages.  And as you finish the book, you’ll wish that the sequel continued into a trilogy.  But stay tuned for next week’s post…a stand alone book to finish my triathlon series!
And in the meantime while you wait for Week 15’s post, check out Dudley’s Urban Farm Junkie blog featuring posts about Farmer’s Markets (the Bellevue Farmer’s Market, in particular).
What else have I read during my yearlong reading project?
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Picture of Annie Duncan

Annie Duncan