Vacation 101 for Small Business Employees

Summer is in full swing and everyone in the office wants to take a vacation, but there is a catch. When small businesses lose just one employee to vacation it means they have lost 15-20% of their staff.  This can be brutal for a small business, but with a bit of preparation you can rest […]

Getting Crazy Motivated for a Half Marathon #sm21k

I recently got crazy motivated to run the half Seattle Marathon. Three weeks ago when I went to a “See you soon” party for Maya Bisineer, founder of MeMeTales, I was talking to a few friends at the event and that’s when a group of us (Maya, Shauna Causey, and I) decided to run it. […]

How to be Lazy, Productive and Successful

This is a guest post from one of our thinkspace members, Matt Heinz president and founder of Heinz Marketing. Some of the most successful and productive people I know are lazy. They’ll tell you so. David Allen, author of Getting Things Done and the godfather of productivity. Lazy. He will tell you this at the beginning […]

Seattle Mind Camp 7- August 20th at thinkspace

Chaos, creativity, and collaboration unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. Join us for Seattle Mind Camp on August 20th-21st here at thinkspace. Seattle Mind Camp is a 24-hour self-organizing unconference designed for anyone interested in connecting with creative and technology obsessed Seattleites. “The Mind Camp experience seeks to leverage that idea by completely doing away with […]

Does Your Office Play Fantasy Football?

On Monday, July 25th the NFL Players Association signed a new collective bargaining agreement to end the 2011 NFL season lockout. For professional football fans, this is a huge sigh of relief. However, this announcement is also a celebration for the 15 million+ fantasy football participants. Are you one of them?   According to the Internet’s most […]

Apple Discontinues the White MacBook

Is it really time to say a final farewell to the white MacBook?  Apparently Apple thinks so. Following the announcements of a new MacBook Air and Mac Mini, the white MacBook disappeared from Apple’s online store. It seems that Apple thought that they would quietly discontinue the white MacBook. Apple made no announcement about the […]

Small Business Success by Seth Godin

Straight from Seth Godin’s blog — it’s an old one from 2007. I love reading older blog posts for the first time and looking at them as hindsight 20/20… especially from Seth Godin. Small business success Three things you need: the ability to abandon a plan when it doesn’t work, the confidence to do the […]

The Founder Institute – Kick Start Your Business

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dave Parker, founder of and mentor at The Founder Institute. After showing Dave around the thinkspace digs, we sat down to chat a bit. I had never heard of the Founder Institute before, but getting to hear about it straight from one of their mentors […]

5 Fitness Apps to Keep You Moving

This is a guest post from our friends at Salty Waffle. These 5 mobile apps will turn you into a fitness freak. There are apps here for all kinds of exercise so give them a try and let us know if you see some results! DailyBurn App: The DailyBurn takes their social networking approach to fitness mobile. Login to your […]

Discover Who Unfriends You on Facebook

This is a guest blog post from our friends over at Salty Waffle. Written by Mitchell Cuevas. I am warning you, what I am about to teach you may give you information you think you want to know, but actually don’t. While there are all sorts of scams out there promising to tell you who […]