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10 Reasons To Do Social Media The Right Way [Stats]

social media, social media marketing, social media classes, community, salty waffle, social media advertising, social media factsWe live in a world surrounded by ads, that’s clear. With more methods of advertising, come more ways we learn to block them out. We are numb to many types of push marketing techniques, those types of ads and campaigns that saturate and annoy. Thankfully, we also live in a world where social media offers a way to avoid expensive, annoying, futile ad efforts.
With a well done social effort you can connect your brand on a personal level. People will seek out a connection with you via social media versus you seeking the customer’s attention by other means, potentially irritating them. When you pull versus push, word of mouth and the community is on your side. Check out the numbers on pushy marketing and look at the potential for extending brand loyalty with social:

  1. $4.26 billion will be spent on social media marketing globally in 2011
  2. 43% of Facebook users who “unlike” a brand do so because of too much push marketing
  3. 64% of Facebook users have liked a brand on Facebook
  4. 25% of social media users are more likely to look into a brand advertising on social media (15% of these users are more likely to purchase from social media advertisers)
  5. 41% of users who have unfollowed a brand on Twitter did so because they were over-marketed to
  6. 78.6% of consumers have joined a company’s community to get more information on the company
  7. 71% of community members say they are more likely to purchase from brand
  8. 66% of company community members note that the community has made them more loyal to a brand
  9. 63% of corporate community members note that they will recommend brand to friends/family
  10. Ford’s 2011 Explorer launch on Facebook generated a 200% greater return than a Super Bowl ad


  • Margaret Simpson

    September 11, 2011

    I think the figures speak for themselves. I do know I really get turned off with the hard sell and tend to avoid those like the plague. It is a pity because when you do check out the company and the products in your own time you probably end up either using their services or purchasing their products. A lesson to be learnt, less is more and ethical should be at the heart of all we do.

  • Andrew Hart

    September 12, 2011

    wow. thanks for this.

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