Writing Your First Blog Post – So easy an 8th grader could read it!

July 8, 2011

Writing first blog
For someone who has never written a blog post, it is hard to know where to begin when you see the flashing cursor blinking at the top of your empty screen.  With the help of Salty Waffle’s Social Media Class at thinkspace, I now have 3 easy guidelines for writing a blog post that even an 8th grader could read.  Here they are:
1) Simplify punctuation. It may take you back to Mrs. Groberman’s 3rd grade class, but good, clear punctuation makes your posts easier to read.  Try to avoid semicolons, dashes, or excessive punctuation.  Your readers will thank you for it.
2) Use short words.  As much as the Scrabble-aficionado in me delights in long words with lots of z’s and q’s, the average person responds to words that are short and sweet.  Instead of using the thesaurus to find more impressive words, try using it in the reverse to find words that are clear and concise.
3) Include numbers.  Not only are numbers easy to tweet out, they stick with people.  Try including them as facts to support one of your ideas or use them to help you organize your post.
Well there you have it…I guess that wasn’t so hard after all!


Picture of thinkspace