Why Your Social Media Package Needs Music

September 4, 2011

marketing, social media, networks, seo, inbound marketing, relationshipsIt’s Bumbershoot today and everyone in Seattle is thinking music. Here’s why your business should be too!
So you think you have it all, the Twitter page, the Facebook, the LinkedIn even. You’ve got a blog pumping out the fresh content daily, you know what, you even know how to use stations on Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to listen in on conversations your customers are having. You’re a social media machine.
But here is one thing you might be missing: that sweet, sweet music. I read an amazing article from The Times Online in the UK. You have to read it, trust me it is worth the time. The article starts with a story about two people that are cordial, but distant neighbors. After years of an acquaintance-like relationship, one of them happens to look at the record collection of the other and was surprised to find out how much of the same music they loved. Long story short, they are now happily married.
Numerous studies named in the article support the conclusion that music is as effective at defining your personality and compatibility with others as any formal personality test. A quote from the article says, “Music is a great social filter and safer than talking about politics or religion.”
So why not take advantage of the power of music for your business? You can’t find a single person that doesn’t identify with music in some way. Try this with us, start a page on last.fm (A site we’ll talk more about on our “Other Networks” tour) and have your team scrobble to it. After a while, you’ll be able to see the collective music taste of your team.
Your music page can be another way to connect on a personal level with potential customers. Think about the excitement and comradery that goes on when a great song everyone in a room loves comes on. The science supports it, your music will match your values, your brand’s personality, and the personality of those working with you.
Add another element that people can connect with you on, don’t leave music out in the cold, it is easily one of the most universal and powerful communication mediums in the world. It can bring people, aka you and your customers, together in amazing ways…


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