Why Should I Work From a LEED Certified Space?

March 3, 2011

Not only does “going green” help the environment, but it can also reduce your overhead. This can even be advantageous for our members because decreased costs also help us keep the price of our space and services low. Thinkspace Redmond is a LEED Certified Space. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and it refers to the rating system used by the US Green Building Council. It took us quite some time to create a green space, but we know that the benefits are definitely paying off! In order to obtain LEED certification, a certain number of points had to be achieved in the following categories:
– Sustainable sites: building designs and sites that consider their environmental friendliness in regard to the plants, water, wildlife, and the quality of the air.
– Water Efficiency: this is measured by amount of water that is saved in a building.
– Energy and Atmosphere: which are measures that can be taken to reduce CFCs and increase the use of renewable resources.
– Materials and Resources: which consider the strategies for construction, selections of materials, and the management of wastes.
– Indoor Environmental Quality: these aspects must be managed from the design and construction stage to the tenants and workers at the property once the site is complete.
One of the biggest personal advantages to working in a LEED certified area is the Indoor Environmental Quality which monitors a variety of different aspects including the quality of the air, the amount of daylight and general light quality, as well as, the thermal temperature. Additional steps have been taken to ensure that the VOC count is sufficiently less than that of non-certified spaces. So, whether you have a virtual office, work in an private space, or enjoy a larger team suite at thinkspace – you are showing your support for a healthier environment and a more sustainable community.


Alyssa Magnotti

Alyssa Magnotti

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