What to do When You Drop Your Phone in Water

September 16, 2011

Phone Dropped in Water
As a professional, you are constantly using your cell phone. You’re answering calls, emails, tweets, accessing files, checking in, taking pictures, checking the weather… with the millions of apps available for smartphones the options are truly endless.
So, what do you do when you accidentally drop your phone in the lake? your cup of coffee? or in the sink?
There’s a chance your soggy phone is still usable. Unfortunately, I am speaking from experience on this one.
Follow the following steps to remove liquid from your phone:

  1. Immediately turn your phone off and take it apart.
  2. Remove your battery, SIM, and SD cards.
  3. Take a bag and fill it with uncooked rice.
  4. Put your phone and battery in the bag of rice.
  5. Leave your phone in the bag of rice for 48 hours. Do not touch it!
  6. Locate a temporary replacement phone. Old phones are perfect for this. Contact your wireless provider to configure the new phone. If you have a SIM card this is real easy.
  7. After 48 hours, remove your phone from the rice and assemble it back together.
  8. Plug your phone into your wall charger and turn it on.

Does it work? If so, hooray! Check to see that the screen, speaker, and buttons are in working condition.
This rice trick may sound crazy- but it’s worked for me (and many of my friends) several times. The rice helps to absorb the water and excess moisture without destroying the structure and hardware in the phone.


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