Your company name does not have to be Google, Dell, General Electric, Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble, Ford, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Nike, or Dow Chemical in order to be able to make a significant difference in reducing its carbon footprint. Thinkspace Executive and Virtual Offices provides a path that allows the SMB’s to have a LEED Certified Green Interior and operate an office in a responsible sustainable manner. Thinkspace goes one step further and also calculates the carbon footprint for each individual office and provides an easy way for each company to become carbon neutral.

Thinkspace’s design team has been charged to ensure that sustainable practices are woven into the buildings improvements from its inception. The Seattle area is leading the charge in green buildings and has an industry base to support and demonstrate this ability to the world. We aim to reduce our buildings electrical consumption by at least 30%, use green building materials, low or no-VOC type paints, and operate our business with sustainable best business practices.

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