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If you want to have a better future, stop trying to have a better past.

don't let it haunt youDon’t let your past haunt you.
I’m a fairly positive and forward-thinking person.  But hiccups along the way usually involve dwelling too much on the mistakes of my past and trying to remedy and re-remedy them.  Even though most of the time they’ve already been dealt with.
We’ve all been told that mistakes are helpful, because we can learn from them and move forward.  And that last part is key – learn from them and move forward.  It’s impossible to be fully present when your head is stuck in the muck of the past.
So if you want to have a better future, stop trying to have a better past.
Think about someone that you look up to.  A mentor perhaps.  If you’re anything like me, your mentor figures don’t have a perfect past.
They’ve been there.
They’ve had hardship.
They’ve failed at something.
They’ve gotten it wrong.
But instead of covering up their mistakes or trying to have a better past, they’ve moved forward and made it part of their story.
A rich story with the ability to overcome.Your past has given you the strength and wisdom you have today.
So what’s in your past?
A failed relationship?
An unsuccessful startup?
An unproductive career?
Your future will only get better when you let go of the past.
Honor it, acknowledge it, but don’t let it haunt you.
Happy Halloween!


  • Peter Chee

    October 31, 2013

    Thanks Annie — I’ve always liked the positive attitude that you have. Some people live with resentment and anger. I like how you reframe it and make challenges become a part of your story which turns it into a strength!

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