Step Back: Gain Perspective

May 10, 2011

You see vivid colors that are sort of swirled together: a little bit of burnt orange highlights over a dark brown, and many different shades of green. You can make out individual brush strokes and the grain of the canvas. But it really doesn’t look like much; Just a bunch of colors tossed together. Really, what you are looking at could be anything. But, then you do something that changes everything… You step back.
Adding dynamic details that will bring your painting to life is easiest when you are standing with your face 2 inches away from the canvas. But, changing perspective is something that every artist must do. And every artist knows that you need to step back (and step back often) to really see what you’ve done and where your brush needs to go next. Most everything you do in life (and more particularly business) is exactly the same way. By stepping back, you really gain much more than perspective (clarity, peace of mind and a completely new view of what you are facing, to name just a few).
When you’ve hit a bit of a roadblock with your latest business venture, taking a step back to gain some perspective could be just the ticket. Sometimes, even if you step away, you may have been so focused on one infinitesimal detail for so long that it becomes extremely difficult to figure out what the big picture really is or what it should look like. In this case, maybe try bringing in a third party. Very often a third person looking at the same problem might see a very simple solution that you might have missed.
All in all, consider what your speed bumps are now. Whether you are experiencing a challenging time in your personal or professional life, gaining a little bit of perspective could be exactly what you need. Consider whether or not your stepping back from the project is really working and if it’s not, ask a trusted friend of business partner to take a look. It’s worth a try, right?


Picture of Alyssa Magnotti

Alyssa Magnotti