SMCSeattle Education Workshop

November 2, 2010

SMCSeattle Education Workshop – “Personal and Small Business Branding in the Age of Social Media”
WHERE: Thinkspace Offices 8201 164th Ave NE Redmond WA 98052- 3rd floor
WHEN: Friday: November 5th, 3:00 p.m.
Having a strong personal brand is important in any economy, but especially now when individuals must stand apart in a competitive job market or avoid being a victim of downsizing. Times are hard but the good news! Social Media makes it easier than ever for people and small businesses to build and sustain a great brand …as long as we take the time to understand HOW to do it. With Social Media however, we all have the added responsibility of managing our brands, whether we like it or not.
[ Ed events are our smaller content rich events. Do NOT confuse it with our bigger SMCSeattle monthly networking event!]

SMCSeattle Education brings you a compelling 2 part branding workshop that will take you all the way from understanding the basics of branding to implementing it using social media.
Silicon Valley Branding expert Karen Kang will lead an in depth personal branding workshop to help you identify and jumpstart your brand. Maya Bisineer will follow by leading the discussion of how YOU can take your brand to the next level using the latest social media strategies and tools.
Special thanks to THINKSPACE for hosting the event.
Thanks to JONES SODA, we will have a soda tasting bar with full bottles of soda for everyone.
Coho Cafe is sponsoring the afterparty by providing a large sectioned off space at their Redmond location. Happy hour pricing menu and with some apps too!
Part 1 –  “The Power of Your Brand : Personal and Small Business”
Workshop lead – Karen Kang
In part 1, you will learn how to
·      Identify the rational value and the emotional value of your brand
·      Understand the importance of the personal brand ecosystem and how to work it
·      Jumpstart your own personal brand with proven tips
·      Guide your portable brand in an era of social networking and media
·      Take charge of your professional destiny through unique personal branding
Part 2 –  “How to Accelerate your Branding Efforts using Social Media”
Discussion lead – Maya Bisineer
In part 2, you will learn how to
·      Apply a framework to accelerate your brand building efforts using social media
·      Use online tools to monitor your brand
·      Develop a strategic plan of action for your personal brand for the short and long term.




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