Shonda Award

November 22, 2013

shonda-kearns-bucky-ballsToday marks the four month mark of when Shonda McCarty Kearns passed away from cancer on July 22, 2013.

With Thanksgiving a week away, I am thankful for Shonda and her friendship. I’ve been feeling strongly about wanting to do something to honor and remember her presence in my life and those that she worked with. Shonda’s impact is interwoven into the fabric of thinkspace which is why I’ve decided to create the Shonda Award.

A Heart of Service

Shonda exhibited a heart of service for others. That is something that I value so much in her. Shonda was exceptional in her kindness and ability to create connection. The Shonda Award is being put in place to recognize the employee who embodies her spirit. The peer-to-peer award will be signified by:

  • Magnetic Bucky Balls
  • A cash donation in the employees name to a charity of their choosing
  • A gift card to the employee

Why Magnetic Bucky Balls?

A few years ago Shonda gave me a stocking stuffer, little magnetic ball bearings. The day that Shonda passed I held this little gift in a totally different way. It’s a symbol of friendship to me, it’s something that I keep close to me. It also represents community to me, all these little magnetic balls stuck together!

Donation to a Charity

Shonda has always been about helping others, putting them before herself. I can’t think of a better way to honor Shonda than by donating to a charity.




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