Seattle Twitter Community Comes Together in Different Ways

December 22, 2009

Who will win?
kotwitterProfilePhoto_biggerBackground about Kenji:
Kenji’s a huge sports fan. You can tell by looking at his Twitter avatar with his Seahawks logo etched into his photo. He’s also an avid Fantasy Football League player, as this is one of his five leagues that he’s in.
twitphoto_biggerBackground about Peter:
In the past, I worked for a company called Starwave. I know a thing or two about Fantasy Football as I used to manage the SQL Server databases for ESPN’s Fantasy Games applications.
Back in September, Kenji Onozawa @kenji_o tweeted out to the Twitterverse, “Is anyone interested in joining a Seattle Twitter Fantasy Football League?” I was pretty excited to get an invitation because this was the first season in quite a while that I was not in a league. Pretty cool, I am in a league with 11 others that I don’t really know. Only one person, Julia (@clickeats) that I know, happened to join this league too.
One of the best things about joining this league, is not that I have beat Kenji TWICE during the regular season, it’s really about meeting the new people in the Seattle Twitter Community at SMC events or other meetups. I feel like I know Taylor Peterson @taylor_tweets just after being in a league with her and following her on Twitter. I guess it was also blind luck that I sat next to her at Ignite Seattle. I quite easily could have sat next to anyone else in a crowd of 700+! It was also fun to introduce myself to Kevin Urie @kevinurie at the last SMC Event with Veronica Belmont. The introduction went something like “Hi Kevin, I’m @thinkspace, in your Twitter Fantasy Football League”. Something similar happened with Jaremy Rich @jaremy. Fun times. I’m still looking forward to meeting the others: @shaunkirch @johnnykelso @chefwaj @incrediblechef @coolguygreg!
The finals of the Seattle Twitter Fantasy Football League #SeaTwiFF have come and after the dust has settled, it’s fun that Kenji and I are facing each other. Thanks to Taylor beating Kevin in the final regular season game, I managed to get a playoff spot. Kenji on the other hand dominated the last part of the season and rolled in on a white horse. Now comes the question for the Seattle Twitter Community, who will win? Kenji or Peter? Vote below or comment and tell us your thoughts on how something like Twitter could bring together a group of people that might never have come to know each other!


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