Our "recycled" Baby Planet Unity Sport Stroller

July 31, 2008

We just purchased a “recycled” Baby Planet Unity Sport Stroller.  We have outgrown our Snap N Go Infant Carrier and have been shopping around for a new stroller.  We first had to choose between tandem or side-by-side.  The Snap N Go was a tandem and while I think it is a good product, I think the side-by-side is better for my children as they can sit next to each other a keep each other company.
We considered the Peg Prego Aria Twin, Spider Duo, Dreamer Design Double Jogging Stroller and the Baby Planet Unity Sport Stroller.  Some of the most important things that we were concerned about was 1) size and weight; 2) durability; 3) price; and for me 4) innovation (I’m a sucker for technology).  While out shopping and trying them out we had a hard time fitting some of these strollers into our trunk.  That immediately ruled out a few of them.  The next thing was price.  Some of these strollers are up around $800-900.  That ruled out a few more.
The stroller that best fit our needs is the Baby Planet Unity Sport Stroller.  I don’t think I could be any happier with it.  The few cool things about this stroller is that it has a unique “easy steer” handle that allows you to turn this stroller around on a dime.  It also is super compact when it folds up.  It easily fits into our trunk and we have room for other stuff too!  One other big bonus is about the company itself — the company has a strong sustainability statement.
They are concerned about the negative impact of having more stuff getting tossed into the landfills.  When you’re done with your stroller and have no more use for it.  They will either help you find another family that can use it or they will take it back and have the stroller dismantled and all parts will be properly recycled by an accredited recycling company.  Is this a coincidence or pattern that my purchasing decisions seem to be frequently aligned with companies that also have a commitment to sustainability?
I also need to say that the price of a new Baby Planet Unity Sport Stroller is around $320. For a very in-depth review, I recommend that you read a review by Nancy at the MWS blog.  She provides tips about the stroller that I would have never figured out had I not read about it.


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