Meet Featured Thinkspace Member: Mirko Freguia from Copperfin

June 20, 2011

On June 1st we had our monthly Wine Wednesday event. At the event each month we take the opportunity to showcase one of our thinkspace member companies. This time around we were lucky enough to have one of our newest members, Mirko Freguia from Copperfin speak at the event.

“Copperfin is a client-centric creative communications and brand strategy firm. We help our clients connect with their customers through the development of strong, relevant brands, targeted communications programs, and breakthrough creative. And, we make your encounter with us fun along the way. One of the key elements that separates Copperfin from other creative firms is that we come from a long line of client marketing positions, and have had the “pleasure” of managing a plethora of agencies just like ours. That experience taught us two things: what clients like and what clients don’t like when it comes to working with a creative firm.” -Taken from
Copperfin has worked with local clients such as AT&T, Safeco Field, and ZooLights.
Mirko was nice enough to let me interview him last week. Take a look at the video below to learn more about Mirko and Copperfin.


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