Landlord evicts Virtual Office and Office Space Provider in Bellevue

January 15, 2009

Business Service Center in Bellevue has been evicted from their office space in Bellevue.  Last Friday, they contacted all of their clients and told them that they had to move out by January 16.  There were 135 private offices and they occupied 35,759 square feet of space.  It’s really unfortunate for this to happen to Business Service Center as they had been a place for businesses to operate since 1967.
Some of their clients who are rushing to get find a new place to operate their business are telling us that Business Service Center members were all given one week notice to move out of their space.  Others have told us that Business Service Center failed to pay their rent for November and December in 2008 and thus were given three days notice to get out.  After a few businesses threatened to file a lawsuit, they extended them a few extra days, giving them a week.  It’s a little strange to think that you can be evicted from a “virtual office”!
With the economy going through it’s own problems, a business that is operating inside their space now suddenly has to relocate their operations in one week.  What a horrible situation for those businesses to go through.  I can’t imagine what it must feel like and feel sorry for those businesses that have to relocate their business in one week, plus they have to contact all their customers that they just moved.  Ugh.  I’m glad that I can tell members of thinkspace that we not only have a lease on our space, we also own the building.


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