iPad2 Smart Cover does not work with Original iPad

March 10, 2011

I was thinking about whether or not to upgrade and get the iPad2 when it comes out on Friday, March 11 because the iPad Smart Cover looks like a pretty slick cover.  Then it got me thinking that perhaps I could just get the cover and use it on my Original iPad… kind of like how I got a Taylormade TP headcover for my driver even because it has a cool magnetic closure on it.  I did a little research and found this article that says: “Unfortunately, the answer is no. The Smart Cover functions as it does because of the aforementioned magnets embedded in the iPad 2. The iPad 1 lacks these magnets, and as such, won’t allow the Smart Cover to do its thing”.  That said, looks like it’s not work the trouble to just go buy the cover.  I’m still on the fence on whether to upgrade… are you going to upgrade yours?


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