Intentions for Strong Mental Health

January 13, 2020

With the start of 2020 we know that people are setting intentions or resolutions for the year both personally and professionally. When the new year hits, good health is often a big topic and having good health will certainly influence how you perform both in and out of the office. Though I could write for days about the benefits of running and how training for an event translates into your work day, good health goes well beyond physical fitness. I was impressed to see Starbucks announce they are “offering employees free subscriptions to the meditation app, Headspace, as part of a push to improve the mental health of its workforce.” Starbucks joins other companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and LinkedIn who are already offering the subscription service for their employees.

In addition to the meditation app benefit for employees, Starbucks is also working to freshen up their entire health care program which will include better trainings for store managers. Supporting your employees with their mental health can be presented in a multitude of ways whether it’s with comprehensive health insurance which covers behavioral health, an app subscription like Headspace, staff trainings, or even as paid vacations. Evernote continues to come back into the news for its creative take on employee wellness. They incentivize employees to take a complete break by paying $1,000 to employees who take a vacation at least one week in length. Who isn’t inspired by learning the creative ways employers take care of their staff? We’d love to hear how your company supports your mental health or ways in which you wish they did!


Picture of Stephanie Slaton

Stephanie Slaton