Incubator workstation redefines small footprint

August 20, 2008

I ran across this article on Treehugger which shows this photo of a new incubator workstation concept that stacks.  The designer is Honfay Lui.  I’m into office space solutions and love nice furniture design but this pretty much would kill any productivity inside of me if I had to work in this kind of environment.  Envision working side-by-side with your coworkers in pods of three or five.  While this setup would be fun for playing a multi-player video game, I don’t see how anyone could work for hours in this environment.
If you’re looking for a compact footprint for your office this might be a solution for you so long as you don’t require any ergonomic modifications.  I can’t even imagine what type of industry would benefit from such a office space design.  Would a journalist/writer who needs to hunker down for eight straight hours find this conducive?  I certainly can’t see how anyone with blue prints could work in this type of box.  Computer programmers, I don’t think so, since most techies have two or three monitors on their desk.  I’m pretty sure that after a day of sitting like this, I would have horrible back pain and be unable to feel my legs again.  I’m glad I’m not working for “the man” where this type of thing probably is actually being considered.




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